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cPanel shell script to pkgacct each user on a server

This script creates an extra backup of users on server with cPanel’s built-in packaging system. These are restorable backups which are basically a snapshot of any given cPanel account. When you restore, they will be perfect copies of the account as it was at the time of backup.

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ERROR:This RRD was created on another architecture

You will get this error during cpanel account transfer time or with cpanel package account script.

ERROR: This RRD was created on another architecture

If your old machine was 32bit arch with 32bit OS, and the new machine is 64bit with 64bit OS. then you can use rrddump and rrdrestore one can transfer RRD between architectures with ease.

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Get list of users that belong to cPanel reseller

Ever needed to write a script that works with all cPanel accounts that are “owned” by a specific cPanel reseller account? Me too. But I wasn’t sure how to do it.

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Clean up /etc/remotedomains using this one liner

Some times you end up with domain in /etc/remotedomains that really don’t belong there. The mailserver will realize this but because they are in that file the MTA will not except mail for that domain. This quick little one liner can be run from the command line and will help you remove the domains from /etc/remotedomains that probably don’t belong there.

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How to add SPF records to an existing account(s) on a cPanel server

This article will show examples of how to add SPF records automatically to an existing customer(s) on your cPanel/WHM server.

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