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Bash script to DNS lookup for cPanel reseller

This bash script will take a given cPanel reseller, find all of its users, fetch all cPanel domains related to the user, and perform a dig DNS lookup on each of the cPanel domain names. By default, it performs a lookup of just an A record, however, you can customize the -t flag to any number of other DNS lookups. Such as: A, TXT, MX, NS, SOA, HINFO, or AXFR.

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Bash script to upgrade Wordpress

This bash shell script will accept input, confirming that you first have a valid WordPress backup file on hand. Once you’ve answered with a Y (indicating “yes”), the script will let you proceed to updating the WordPress core. The bash script pulls the newest version of WordPress from the official WordPress repository and places everything where it should be.

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Bash script to backup Wordpress

This bash script will accept input and guide you through what it does, but in short, it checks to see if the backup directory specified is set, if not creates it. It will then ask you whether you want one of the following types of backup:


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cPanel shell script to pkgacct each user on a server

This script creates an extra backup of users on server with cPanel’s built-in packaging system. These are restorable backups which are basically a snapshot of any given cPanel account. When you restore, they will be perfect copies of the account as it was at the time of backup.

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ERROR:This RRD was created on another architecture

You will get this error during cpanel account transfer time or with cpanel package account script.

ERROR: This RRD was created on another architecture

If your old machine was 32bit arch with 32bit OS, and the new machine is 64bit with 64bit OS. then you can use rrddump and rrdrestore one can transfer RRD between architectures with ease.

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