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Log file locations on a cPanel web server

cPanel is the largest web hosting control panel in the world. Learning where each of the cPanel log file locations are can be an indispensable resource when trying to troubleshoot an issue with your cPanel web server. Following is a list of log file locations for cPanel.

cPanel, WHM & Webmail

Login Attempts to cpsrvd


Account Transfers & Misc. Logs


Per-Account Bandwidth History Human Readable


Per-Account Bandwidth History – Cached


Service Status Logs


Error Log for cpsrvd


Panic Log for cpsrvd


Backup Logs


Update (UPCP) Log


Mailman Logs


Auditing Log (Account Creations, Deletions, etc.)


Access Log & User Actions in cpsrvd


Website Statistics Logs


Logs for Specific Webmail Applications







Other cPanel log locations

License Updates & Errors


Brute Force Protection (cPHulkD) Log


WebDisk (cpdavd) Log


Tailwatch Driver (tailwatchd) Log


EasyApache Build Logs


Installation Log



General Information & Errors



Login Attempts & General Info


FTP Transfer Log

/var/log/xferlog is a symbolic link to /usr/local/apache/domlogs/

Mail Retrieval & Spam Protection (Courier, Dovecot, SpamAssassin)

IMAP, POP Login Attempts, Transactions, Fatal Errors & Spam Scoring


Mail Delivery (Exim)

Unexpected/Fatal Error Log

/var/log/exim_paniclog (Linux)
/var/log/exim/paniclog (FreeBSD)

Incoming Mail Queue


Log of Messages Rejected Based on ACLs or Other Policies

/var/log/exim_rejectlog (Linux)
/var/log/exim/rejectlog (FreeBSD)

Delivery & Receipt Log

/var/log/exim_mainlog (Linux)
/var/log/exim/mainlog (FreeBSD)

Named (BIND)









Web Server (Apache/httpd)

Domain Access Logs


Web Server & CGI Application Error Log


SuExec Audit Log


SuPHP Audit Log


Top Memory & CPU Consumers (dcpumon)

Top Processes Consuming CPU & Memory


To Sum It Up

This should be everything (or at least most of it). If you feel one or more of these are incorrect, please consider letting me know so that I may update this post for others viewing it. Thank you!

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